Writing a Letter to Your wife

One of the most meaningful tasks we can do as married men is to take a moment and write a letter to our wife. You single guys, if you are not doing this as you date, you should, and then don't stop once you are husband and wife!

Pick any subject, it could be about anything.
Need some ideas? Check out some sample letters here.

Grab a sheet of paper, a pen or pencil, an envelope, and yes... a stamp. Then imagine being deployed overseas, or away on a work trip before technology made it "simple" (maybe too simple) to make contact. Back in the "old days" relationships were maintained by handwritten notes and letters delivered by postal services or even family members traveling west.

Sit down and write a few heartfelt lines, doodle some if you wish such as hearts, googly eyes, or maybe some key phrases that mean something to you both. Then, date it, sign it, and for extra bonus points spritz it with your cologne (the one she likes, but not too much. Just one shot from about 6 inches away from the paper.) Fold the letter, place it in the envelope and address it to her at your address. For the return address, just use the "to" address but perhaps don't include your name. Place the stamp and mail it.

Trust me, this small amount of effort will communicate value and the fact that "she" was on your mind and will yield incredibly positive results.

Washing Your Wife's Hair

Come on, admit it, you always liked going to the salon, maybe as a kid or secretly as an adult... To lean back and have your head washed. Ahh, how relaxing!

Well, consider the blessing of suggesting that you wash your wife's hair. Just clean out the kitchen sink, maybe use some "Bar Keepers Friend" then throw some old lemons down the garbage disposal to get rid of any unpleasant smells. Grab her favorite shampoo and conditioner and a few towels...

This simple act of service can bring you closer as a couple and provide a relaxing experience for your wife. Not only does it demonstrate your love and appreciation for her, but it also offers a chance to connect on a deeper level. Here's how to make it an enjoyable and meaningful experience:

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Is Porn Really Okay?

The culture for the last 75 years has been telling us that fantasy and masturbation is just part of normal Male sexual behavior. It is just the way we are made, and everybody does it. So, don't worry about it.

Beginning with the Kinsey Reports: "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948)" and then continuing with Hugh Hefner's publication of Playboy (1953) pornography and self-pleasure aspects have slowly and steadily moved from the realm of taboo into everyday themes of television, movies and now, even into elementary school curriculums.

However, is the normalization of porn, masturbation and fantasy improving civilization or is it hindering the depth of personal relationships, warping our perceptions of human value and negatively impacting our self-worth?

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Dealing With Depression

Our Value, self-worth or self-perception, failures, and wrong choices effect us deeply. But, even small or huge successes can result in "post-Olympic blues" or "post-competition blues and can have drastic effects on how we feel as men.

Situations outside our control, such as accidents or tragedy, company downsizing or other peoples choices can put us into a tail spin of doubt and questioning the point of our existence.

What do we do? How do we cope?

How we handle these aspects of life determines the quality of life we have and significantly impacts our relationships, both public and private.

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Flowers for no reason

How many of us "martians" see a gift of flowers for our wives as primarily a part of a sincere apology or as something for special occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversaries or her birthdays?

Here's a thought: Flowers for no reason other than "I was thinking of you."

Most grocery stores have small bouquets for reasonable cost, especially if you have something at home to use a vase. Swing by and pick up some flowers and bring them home just to say "she is on your mind."